The Fulcrum Group

Government and Public Affairs

We are experienced professionals at navigating the fast-paced and complex arena of politics. At Fulcrum we have helped Brands grow, survive and thrive at the local, state and national level. How? We start with the desired outcome and work back with our clients. Unlike traditional “lobbying shops” that primarily trade on relationships, we take it up a level. We utilize our knowledge and experience and deploy effective marketing and communications tools alongside our tactical lobbying efforts to help our client amplify their voice and thus their success. 


Bringing a Brand to life and connecting with the target Audience is an amazing endeavor. We have been honored to bring a diverse group of human, corporate, NGO and government Brands to life. Each one is unique and has a core set of truths that make that brand resonate with the consumer. At Fulcrum Group we uncover these truths through research and guided discovery of the Brand.  


It is hard to find any other area of society over the last twenty years that has gone though as rapid and dynamic change as how humans communicate. At the Fulcrum Group we have been at the forefront at harnessing the wide array of communications tools and tactics to build and protect our clients Brands. Whether it is repairing a Countries image or messaging a business’s growth into a new market, the Fulcrum Group has the experience.


Traditional, Digital, Social, Print, SEO and Out of Home are all tools to build awareness. At the Fulcrum Group we have helped our clients execute winning campaigns tailor made to achieving their desired outcome with maximum efficiency. The Fulcrum Group has directed, managed and deployed over $370 million in media dollars over our careers.